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Impressive Answers to Job Interview Questions – For Fresh and Experienced Candidates

Job Interview Tips to Get Hired

                                  What can you expect from this Job Interview Book

Looking for a job opening? Are you about to face a job interview board? Or plan to face one in days or months to come? Are you anxious or tense and wonder how would you do once there at the interview selection committee?

Stop worrying. This little 112 page-book tells you all that you need to know to influence the interviewers to select you for the job. Apart from preparation tips, the book explains why interviewers ask certain questions and how you should answer them – for both fresh and experienced candidates.

Read the book and come out of the interview room smiling!

Name of the Title – Impressive Answers to Job Interview Questions

Author – Binay Srivastava

ISBN – 9789387302006

Page – 112

Retail Price – Rs.250

Binding – Paper Back

Publisher – Better Books, New Delhi

Published in…

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India Wins first ODI against England at Hyderabad

India defeated England in first ODI at Hyderabad

Ably supported by bowlers Ashwin and Jadeja, with three wickets each, skipper Dhoni and Raina batted superbly to steer India to a 126-run victory in the first ODI against England at Hyderabad on October 14, 2011.
India had opted to bat on winning the toss.
Dhoni smashed an unbeaten 87 in 70 deliveries while Raina made a quick fire 55 in 61 balls.
The last 15 overs produced a staggering 150 runs. Dhoni plundered 10 boundaries and a six in his 42nd half century in ODIs. This is significant considering the pressure he was in after England tour.
India were making runs at a relatively slow pace for the first 35 overs following some disciplined bowling by the England before the Dhoni-Raina duo started the hammering of the England bowlers adding 72 runs for in only 10 overs. Raina completed his 50 with a six off Bresnan’s bowling. He made 61 with the help of five fours and two sixes.
Raina’s belligerent attack in the mandatory batting Powerplay overs (from 36 to 40th) delivered 59 runs. Raina had most of his shots in between the extra cover and mid-wicket while Dhoni blasted all bowlers with comfort and ease.
After Raina departed, Dhoni decided to punish the English bowlers which he did for the better part of the innings.
Opting to bat first, the Indian batsmen made a complete mess of the first mandatory Powerplay when India managed only 47 runs losing Parthiv Patel’s wicket.

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T20 Cricket Today

Today’s T20 is a contestc unfair.
Rules have been made primarily for batsmen, it seems. Power-play, free hit, one bouncer in an over and everything else all in favour of batsmen. Rules permit batsmen freedom to hit a free hit, fearlessly, that goes over the rope in a 60 m ground.
Why not allow bowlers an opportunity, a freedom to send down a ball to the batsman the way he likes. Total freedom. Give bowlers something that appears like a fair chance. Failing which, no one would want to be a bowler, which is the real threat of T20 game. If hitting a six or sixes is only the purpose then include 11 batsmen. You would rather agree with me that T20 gets boring after you watch a few matches. And the never ending T20 tournaments being organised in every continent is the most annoying aspect of T20 cricket. It not only makes top cricketers injury prone but also makes them reluctant to play Test cricket, ODIs and other international games.

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India Retales


The Indian Retales

Author: V. Rajesh
ISBN: 9788178061924
Pages: 194
Price: INR 295.00

Pick up any newspaper. You will come across terms like retail jobs, supermarkets, merchandising, supply chain management, retail industry, retail strategy etc in columns and advertisements they carry. With thoughts and implementations getting globalised in all spheres in India, how can retail sector remain impervious to it? To introduce every element associated with this emerging industry, the author V.Rajesh has come out with the first comprehensive book that highlights all above said terms and also about the evolution and working of Indian retail industry. It provides clear insights and offers down-to-earth analysis of the retail business in India, available opportunities, means of strategic management, shouldering corporate social responsibility and, most importantly, the direction in which this sector is headed. The author uses his inimitable style to discuss ways retailers can rely to attract customers. A number of case studies add a touch of real-life experience. The book will be found useful in helping anyone interested to master ways to serve the customer and make a name and fortune in the Indian retail sector.  Since retail management is the fastest growing activity in the economic chain, applying the techniques given in the book will surely sparkle activity to not just retail business but to any service industry. No wonder most management schools have integrated a curriculum on study of retail management to satisfy the ever growing demand for it. 

The author of the book V Rajesh is a leading expert on the Indian retail sector. He pioneered the establishment of corporate retail chains in India.

To order online your copy of the book, please click on the URL: /book/book/bid,,9393D/index.html

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A Quick Guide to Web Writing

Can you imagine life without the Internet? And, have you ever tried to interpret how you get so much of information on a single click? Of course, we all are thankful to search engines like Google and Yahoo for making life easier and satiating our information appetite. And also, many of us are undoubtedly interested in setting up our own web page, creating our own websites and writing blogs. But, rarely does anyone know how to get maximum hits on the piece of work.

While creating a website and writing a web page, the content plays a vital role besides flashy pictures, graphics and multimedia, and it is more importantly the text which helps the website get seen on search engines and hence, get number of hits.

With ‘skim, scan and scroll’ being the basic mantra of net surfing, a web reader hurriedly skims through the content, scans if he wants to read it and then scrolls the page.

To make the content on a web page interesting and readable, a web writer needs to follow some basic fundamental principles.

Writing is an art, but writing for the web is a skill that you need to acquire. While writing a creative piece, you can take liberties on the language usage. But, at the time of writing a web page, you have to be specific, clear and simple in your style as you are writing for web readers who are generally impatient and get easily distracted if they don’t get the information they are looking for.

Chunking–dividing information into small and clear pieces, Search Engine Optimisation, ensuring that web pages are seen by search engines, and proper usage of keyword/s are few points that are kept in mind during web writing.

However, if you are keen to spread your message across globe through your online journals and blogs, or if you want to go for international marketing of your product via corporate website, you need to be more specific and learn the skill of web writing…

Keeping in view the shortage of time and changing reading habits, almost every organisation is going online. And, due to this transition, there is a huge demand for web writers…If there is demand, there has to be enough supply, and keeping this in mind, educational institutions are arranging special courses and trainings on web writing…

Part of this World Wide Web, many companies emphasise on good web writing skill. ‘There is always a difference between an average stuff and a well-written stuff. Through flash, multimedia and hyperlinks, I can give a different look to my website, but the website would not get enough number of hits until it has good information in a readable format…With so many big names foraying into the web world and such big fat salaries being offered, isn’t web writing a good career option?

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Paranormal Experiences


Paranormal Experiences –Beyond the Realms of Reason

Author: Dr. Mehra Shrikhande

Publisher: Unicorn Books

This is no ordinary book. The rich research immediately makes you sit up straight, as if to draw you into a more attentive posture and force you to absorb as much  as you possibly can from the immense storehouse of logic that is set out to make an esoteric subject understandable. It is up to you, really, to truly benefit from the efforts of the author – or collapse into a heap from the efforts it demands of you. If you are a resilient reader, your rewards will far exceed your expectations.

Inexorably, you are drawn step by step into the physical, metaphysical and, thereafter,  common sense to expand the paranormal into ready-to- assimilate portions in an unbiased and objective manner. You are grateful that the author is a down-to-earth ophthalmic surgeon ingrained into the world of science. To savour a small sample from her book:

Sri Paramhansa Yogananda in his book Autobiography Of A Yogi, under the chapter Law Of Miracles, explains the relationship of relativity and quantum mechanics with certain metaphysical phenomena.

“Light velocity is a mathematical standard or constant not because there is an absolute value in 186,000 miles a second but because no material body, whose mass increases with the velocity, can ever attain the velocity of light. Stated another way, only a material body whose mass is infinite will equal the velocity of light.”

“Masters who are able to materialize and dematerialize their bodies and other objects and to move with the velocity of light and to utilize the creative light rays to bringing into instant visibility and physical manifestation have fulfilled the lawful condition: their mass in infinite.”

The book has many chapters ranging from Astral Plane, Near Death Experiences, Out Body Experiences, Ghosts (of Course) and reincarnation to Spirit Photography, Electronic Voice Presentation, Past Life Recall and ESP.

The views of both believers and skeptics are put forth in equal measure for a fair representation. You are left to judge, and either accept or reject as your beliefs dictate. The epilogue leaves you with a sense of having traversed the subject matter with a master guide who gently relinquishes your hand with the message: “Reality shall always, like God, remain mysterious, immeasurable, inexorable and beyond the realms of reason.”

Femina October 7, 2009

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The Portrait of a Super Student


The Portrait of a Super Student

Author: Abhishek Thakore

ISBN: 8122307323

Publsher: Pustak Mahal

This is an outstanding book on how to do better as a student overall –studies, sports and extra curricular activities. The target audience is from about 7th grade to 12th grade.

The book starts off with general thoughts on study and other companion skills that will help all students reach their goals. In here you’ll find tips to schedule & manage time, speed reading, building vocabulary, diet control, relaxing techniques, how to study for tests, reading hints and strategies, and so much more! And on sports and other engaging activities. Almost a third of the book deals with how to read better and how to get the most out of reading. The author talks about different types of reading, picking a purpose for reading, how to skim, and many other good basics to read better.

It is a fantastic tool for students and great for all those people who aim to be classifies as A grade students!

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Authors Invited To Write Books With Focus On Young Adults

Authors invited to write books with focus on young adults

All subjects considered.



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Authors Invited: Write Books, Get Published in India

Unicorn Books, a sister company of Pustak Mahal, Delhi, India invites authors (new or established) to write non fiction and fiction books, in English, and get published.

– Write books for children, teens, young adults and adults.

All subjects considered but preferably on:
Career management
Popular Science
Health & Yoga
Business & Finance
Women Issues

Write to Binay Srivastava giving information regarding the manuscript and personal details along with published works (if any) and mail to:

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A Parent’s Guide To Child Care


Child Care: A Parent’s Guide to Child Care
Author: Dr.Suresh Keshan
Price: Rs.150
Publisher: Pustak Mahal

The book is written in such a way that it not only teaches, but also enables the parents to enjoy childcare. It guides parents on every aspect of childcare, whether it is regarding feeding or schooling or toilet training. The focus is mainly on: Parental concerns & anxieties, Care of the newborn, Growth & development, Feeding, Immunization, Common childhood diseases, Accidents in childhood, Crying pattern in children, Sleep pattern in children, Schooling of children, Toilet training, Child psychology & associated problems, Comforting a hurt child and other issues connected with the welfare of children.
An ideal book for anyone who recently has had, or is going to have a child.

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