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World Passport for Global Managers

World Passport for Global Managers
Author: Walter Vieira
ISBN: 9788178061849
Publisher: Unicorn Books

Walter Vieira’s book is an invaluable guide to help people navigate the less familiar waters of intercultural voyage. You may have the all-important professional technical knowledge and management skills but another high-stake make or break quality- man management – is essential to succeed in global cross-culture.
Organized into 18 clear and useful categories, the book is singularly respectful of all cultures, and offers explanations where cultural difference may look irrational to individual perceptions.
Chapters on ’Is etiquette artificial and outdated’, ‘see and do likewise’, ‘personal grooming’, ‘what’s right or nor quite for men and women’, ‘non-verbal communication says more than words’, ‘verbal communications’, ‘telephone etiquette’, ‘a sense of time across cultures’, ‘entertaining in business’, ‘giving and receiving gifts, ‘cocktail party’ etc have been nicely dealt.
Each chapter has interesting musings by way of actual incidents to illustrate the cultural clashes that could be sparked by innocuous looking small things like the way we eat, the way we greet or a thank-you gift. The anecdotes drawn from real world cultural ethos impart an air of reality to the many differences between peoples’ thinking. It is easy to read and short chapters make for a fast read. This book is filled with first hand personal experiences and follows the inimitable characteristic of Walter’s other 10 books – simple, lucid, direct and with a touch of humour.
As a ready-steady-go handy book on etiquette, the book accurately informs the reader about the social norms, customs and traditions of other societies. But if you are going to meet lot of people in other countries on business or otherwise, this comprehensive book will guide you to be on the right side vis-a-vis style, manners and etiquette of different cultures.

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Children’s Knowledge Bank


An ideal collection of four great books in a fabulous Gift Pack! A unique compilation spread over 800 pages composed of 890 articles with visually appealing illustrations to help a child build scientific temper and logical approach!

No one would deny admitting that once a child’s fundamentals are clear, he is sure to excel in studies. Children are inquisitive by nature. They are forever curious about the world around them and want to know more about it. Though they have textbooks for their reference, they can never quench their thirst for knowledge completely.

Children’s Knowledge Bank in four volumes is specifically designed to bridge this gap to help nurture the hidden Isaac Newton, Thomas Alva Edison, Albert Einstein or Marie Curie in the children. All the essential subject areas tempered with scientific language in age-specific terminology, from Universe and Environment, Communications, Plants and Animals, to Human Body, are covered. All the entries integrated with informative illustrations make the text lively and interesting, thus enabling better understanding of the topics not only for children but for grown-ups as well. They also highlight the latest discoveries, and provide other interesting information about the specific subject.

Matchless in approach and presentation, this volume is certain to find appreciation in the eyes of students and also general readers, for being a one-stop comprehensive guide of the various aspects of Science.

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Progressive Parenting


Progressive Parenting

Author: John Parankimalil

ISBN: 9788178061498

Price: Rs.150

Publisher: Unicorn Books

There are many books on ‘how to raise children’ but hardly any that keep today’s wide generation gap in mind –pressing work demands, busy family schedules, attractions & distractions of electronic media and peer pressure.

Parents need to look within to see how they can be model parents and provide a healthy atmosphere for proper mental, emotional and physical growth of their children. The common-sense guidelines in this book will ensure you maintain just the right balance between firm and flexible parenting, as per the attitude, aptitude and ability of your child.

Parents, specially in those households where both parents are employed, are sure to find chapters on spending time with their young ones, being role models, and listening to them important that will propel them into healthy, wholesome and upright human beings in years ahead.

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50 Timeless Scientists


50 Timeless Scientists

Author: K.Krishna Murty

Price: Rs.96

It is a book about spirited and tireless men and women, who deprived themselves of sleep or other fundamental essentials of life, and chased their dreams. Some of them were put in the cells on flimsy grounds or cheated out of fruits of intelligence, yet they didn’t give up. The comforts that we take for granted today were not the result of a sudden revelation. Read what made these scientists immortal and why we must remember them -even if we can’t build monuments in their memories.

To order online your copy of the book, please click on the URL:,,9412C/index.html
Or else order at:

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Diabetes cure at home in 15 minutes/day without medicine and enjoy a recharged life

You may be surprised to know that more than 400 million people in the world suffer from diabetes. Worse, this number is growing at an alarming rate. Many others aren’t even aware they have diabetes. There are also many people who despite being aware of the ailment can’t afford the high cost of long-term treatment.

Diabetes has other disturbing features also. It is a major cause of kidney failure, stroke, heart disease and blindness. This fact makes the situation far more dreadful and calls for an out-of-the-box treatment to protect lives. Pharmaceutical companies are spending millions of dollars to find a reliable cure. May be some day they would. But why wait till that day when there exists a home-based natural way that besides improving your health, offers a cure for it and protects non-diabetics from contracting this disorder.

This is no miracle. It is plain simple exercise. No machine/food supplements is used either. It’s your body, your desire and 15 minutes of your time only to get cured.

All you need is to stay positive. Take care of your body with this regimen. If you do your part, nothing would stand in the way of an active life. 10-15 minutes a day of activity will keep you healthy, diabetes-free and brimming with vitality all your life.

If you are diabetic, please write to us immediately. Even otherwise, please spread this word to all your friends and family members. Your message could help save many lives. You would earn their goodwill and gratitude. Every single email would be answered without delay. For more information, Please contact

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Book Review:


Author: Barun Kumar Sahu

Published by: Unicorn Books, an imprint of Pustak Mahal (


The book Make Computers Speak Your Language written by

Barun Kumar Sahu, is eminently useful in helping the reader in working in his/ her preferred language.

A technical subject has been written in a completely non-technical manner.

The book explains how to compute in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Talugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Oriya, Assamese, Kashmiri, Urdu, besides European, and Arabic-script based languages…

Or any of the European languages.

In fact, this is the first book ever to emphasize use of local language in computers anywhere in the world.

The book starts with the popular way of using computer, then goes step-by step to explain how to write text and data in a chosen language. Explanations have been given in a simple manner. There are plenty of illustrations in the form of screenshots.

Apart from Microsoft Windows, detailed guidelines have also been provided to setup the computer to work in Microsoft Office, Open Office and Linux environments etc.


Salient features:


  • Step-by-step approach to write text and data in a chosen language
  • Plenty of screen shots
  • Instructions require no technical knowledge
  • No need to buy any software

Following this book you can:

  • Search Internet in your language
  • Read any text in your language
  • Write email in any your preferred language
  • Do machine-aided translation


Though usually comfortable with English language, surely, many of us want to use computers in our language, may be even out of curiosity.

In fact, if you are working in a non-English speaking environment anywhere in the world, and want to work on computers-this book is a must.

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