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T20 Cricket Today

on October 13, 2011

Today’s T20 is a contestc unfair.
Rules have been made primarily for batsmen, it seems. Power-play, free hit, one bouncer in an over and everything else all in favour of batsmen. Rules permit batsmen freedom to hit a free hit, fearlessly, that goes over the rope in a 60 m ground.
Why not allow bowlers an opportunity, a freedom to send down a ball to the batsman the way he likes. Total freedom. Give bowlers something that appears like a fair chance. Failing which, no one would want to be a bowler, which is the real threat of T20 game. If hitting a six or sixes is only the purpose then include 11 batsmen. You would rather agree with me that T20 gets boring after you watch a few matches. And the never ending T20 tournaments being organised in every continent is the most annoying aspect of T20 cricket. It not only makes top cricketers injury prone but also makes them reluctant to play Test cricket, ODIs and other international games.


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