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India Retales

on July 9, 2010


The Indian Retales

Author: V. Rajesh
ISBN: 9788178061924
Pages: 194
Price: INR 295.00

Pick up any newspaper. You will come across terms like retail jobs, supermarkets, merchandising, supply chain management, retail industry, retail strategy etc in columns and advertisements they carry. With thoughts and implementations getting globalised in all spheres in India, how can retail sector remain impervious to it? To introduce every element associated with this emerging industry, the author V.Rajesh has come out with the first comprehensive book that highlights all above said terms and also about the evolution and working of Indian retail industry. It provides clear insights and offers down-to-earth analysis of the retail business in India, available opportunities, means of strategic management, shouldering corporate social responsibility and, most importantly, the direction in which this sector is headed. The author uses his inimitable style to discuss ways retailers can rely to attract customers. A number of case studies add a touch of real-life experience. The book will be found useful in helping anyone interested to master ways to serve the customer and make a name and fortune in the Indian retail sector.  Since retail management is the fastest growing activity in the economic chain, applying the techniques given in the book will surely sparkle activity to not just retail business but to any service industry. No wonder most management schools have integrated a curriculum on study of retail management to satisfy the ever growing demand for it. 

The author of the book V Rajesh is a leading expert on the Indian retail sector. He pioneered the establishment of corporate retail chains in India.

To order online your copy of the book, please click on the URL: /book/book/bid,,9393D/index.html


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