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World Passport for Global Managers

on January 28, 2010

World Passport for Global Managers
Author: Walter Vieira
ISBN: 9788178061849
Publisher: Unicorn Books

Walter Vieira’s book is an invaluable guide to help people navigate the less familiar waters of intercultural voyage. You may have the all-important professional technical knowledge and management skills but another high-stake make or break quality- man management – is essential to succeed in global cross-culture.
Organized into 18 clear and useful categories, the book is singularly respectful of all cultures, and offers explanations where cultural difference may look irrational to individual perceptions.
Chapters on ’Is etiquette artificial and outdated’, ‘see and do likewise’, ‘personal grooming’, ‘what’s right or nor quite for men and women’, ‘non-verbal communication says more than words’, ‘verbal communications’, ‘telephone etiquette’, ‘a sense of time across cultures’, ‘entertaining in business’, ‘giving and receiving gifts, ‘cocktail party’ etc have been nicely dealt.
Each chapter has interesting musings by way of actual incidents to illustrate the cultural clashes that could be sparked by innocuous looking small things like the way we eat, the way we greet or a thank-you gift. The anecdotes drawn from real world cultural ethos impart an air of reality to the many differences between peoples’ thinking. It is easy to read and short chapters make for a fast read. This book is filled with first hand personal experiences and follows the inimitable characteristic of Walter’s other 10 books – simple, lucid, direct and with a touch of humour.
As a ready-steady-go handy book on etiquette, the book accurately informs the reader about the social norms, customs and traditions of other societies. But if you are going to meet lot of people in other countries on business or otherwise, this comprehensive book will guide you to be on the right side vis-a-vis style, manners and etiquette of different cultures.


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