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The Portrait of a Super Student

on January 12, 2010


The Portrait of a Super Student

Author: Abhishek Thakore

ISBN: 8122307323

Publsher: Pustak Mahal

This is an outstanding book on how to do better as a student overall –studies, sports and extra curricular activities. The target audience is from about 7th grade to 12th grade.

The book starts off with general thoughts on study and other companion skills that will help all students reach their goals. In here you’ll find tips to schedule & manage time, speed reading, building vocabulary, diet control, relaxing techniques, how to study for tests, reading hints and strategies, and so much more! And on sports and other engaging activities. Almost a third of the book deals with how to read better and how to get the most out of reading. The author talks about different types of reading, picking a purpose for reading, how to skim, and many other good basics to read better.

It is a fantastic tool for students and great for all those people who aim to be classifies as A grade students!


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