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Children’s Knowledge Bank

on January 12, 2010


An ideal collection of four great books in a fabulous Gift Pack! A unique compilation spread over 800 pages composed of 890 articles with visually appealing illustrations to help a child build scientific temper and logical approach!

No one would deny admitting that once a child’s fundamentals are clear, he is sure to excel in studies. Children are inquisitive by nature. They are forever curious about the world around them and want to know more about it. Though they have textbooks for their reference, they can never quench their thirst for knowledge completely.

Children’s Knowledge Bank in four volumes is specifically designed to bridge this gap to help nurture the hidden Isaac Newton, Thomas Alva Edison, Albert Einstein or Marie Curie in the children. All the essential subject areas tempered with scientific language in age-specific terminology, from Universe and Environment, Communications, Plants and Animals, to Human Body, are covered. All the entries integrated with informative illustrations make the text lively and interesting, thus enabling better understanding of the topics not only for children but for grown-ups as well. They also highlight the latest discoveries, and provide other interesting information about the specific subject.

Matchless in approach and presentation, this volume is certain to find appreciation in the eyes of students and also general readers, for being a one-stop comprehensive guide of the various aspects of Science.


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