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Book Review: Safe-n-Sure Weight Loss Programme

on December 31, 2009

Authors: Pankaj Sharma & Dr. Ashok Gupta
ISBN: 8178060442
Publisher: Unicorn Books 

The authors say that the number of overweight and obese persons is increasing worldwide at an alarming rate. Environmental and behavioural changes brought about by economic development, modernisation, and urbanisation have given rise to obesity in children and adults alike, and the consequences are showing up. In the book “Safe – n- Sure Weight Loss Programme”  they provide a natural and scientific approach to reduce weight and maintain it thereafter. The authors reiterate that excess weight slows down the circulation, blocks arteries, and causes stroke. Excess weight also increases blood sugar, lowers metabolism, disturbs sleeping patterns and causes stress and fatigue. Which is why excess body weight is a major cause of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. Obesity, much like cancer, turns out to be a combination of many deficiencies, not just one disease, meaning researchers someday might be able to custom-tailor treatments to individuals of not just for the overweight but also for those with diabetes, osteoporosis and other common maladies. This book attempts to provide insight into the problems and gives guidelines on how a person suffering from obesity and excess weight can obtain good results in reducing weight. It has been observed that a slight modification in the lifestyle can work wonders in how people look and feel about themselves.


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