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Renton’s Dictionary of Stock Exchange and Investment Terms

on December 11, 2009


Renton’s Dictionary of Stock Exchange and Investment Terms

Author: Nick Renton

ISBN: 9788178061757

Price: Rs.296

Publisher: Unicorn Books

This book is a welcome initiative and an intelligent guide to stock market investment. The author helps explain the intricacies of stock market operations and the important role it can play in people’s long-term investment plans. This book is singularly important at a time when everyone is being encouraged to take more responsibility for their financial future and it is more important than ever to be better informed when making investment decisions. It is ‘… an excellent text … highly interesting and entertaining … subtle, sophisticated and rigorous … In short, even for the successful stock market investor, the percentage returns from buying this book are likely to make it one of the best investments in his portfolio!’ This 300-page comprehensive guide to the theory and practice of stock market investment, mutual funds, derivatives etc explains in a clear style the various jargons & terminology used, techniques, risks and potential rewards of stock market investment. It contains about 3300 abbreviations – an area of great puzzlement to many investors. Terms like ‘equity’, ‘guaranteed’, ‘value’, ‘stock exchange index’, ‘margin lending’, ‘derivatives’, investment banking, leasing websites etc have been thoroughly explained so as to cut through the jargon often used by stockbrokers, estate agents, financial planners and the media. Written by Nick Renton, a leading world authority on practice of actuarial studies, it provides the reader with a sophisticated synthesis of current investment knowledge, drawn both from the latest academic research and the professional investment world. Avoiding simplistic and unrealistic formulae to success, this book gives a balanced assessment of the various approaches to investment and thorough understanding of the way in which the stock market works. It will enable readers to take control of their own financial future.

The new edition contains many terms not found in similar works. It will serve as an essential reference tool for stock and property investors at all levels, from beginners to professionals and from students to retired persons.

To order online your copy of the book, please click on the URL: /book/book/bid,,9377D/index.html

Or else order at: and avail special offers.


4 responses to “Renton’s Dictionary of Stock Exchange and Investment Terms

  1. Nick Renton says:

    Many thanks for your fine review of my Dictionary of Stock Exchange and Investment Terms.

  2. It’s an awesome post for all the internet people; they will obtain advantage from it I am sure.

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