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How to Control Mind and be Stress-Free

on December 11, 2009


How to Control Mind and be Stress-Free

Author: M.K.Gupta

Price: Rs.96

If you’re searching for the magic to end the stress in your life, search no more, you are with the right book. Read it the way the author suggests, slowly and fully, don’t skim or rush, move ahead step by step to rid yourself of stress and imbibe how to keep the stress from coming back. The book engages you like a simple, practical guide to eliminating and/or managing the stress in our lives using techniques, including a detailed discussion about how to use meditation and relaxation skills to overcome stress. But more helpfully, it interactively invites us to shift our way of being in the world, to create a different consciousness in our relationship to every experience we have. Be ready to be led gently, and with humour, toward the realisation that most of our stress is self-induced. Harnessing the mind is the place to start because so much stress is generated by our projections, expectations and interpretations. By reducing our mind-reactions, we open the way for a more authentic response to life; in short, we become more awake and alive. Savour the chapters, they will give you what you’re looking for, a joyful and stress free life.

To order online your copy of the book, please click on the URL: /book/book/bid,,4009K/index.html

Or else order at: and avail special offers. 



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